With more than 8 years of experience, ‘Manycome’ is arriving this summer for the first time to Ibiza, every Wednesday from 3th July until 18 September we have a date at Privilege Vista Club. Despite being an established event in the Iberian Peninsula, ‘Manycome’ has turn his concept to a much more experiential event based on the sound quality, the style and the best techno DJs to run those two first.


Ibiza’s Privilege Vista Club (“The Biggest Club in the World” according to Guinness World Records) will be our home this season. A true sanctuary for electronic music, Privilege Vista Club has always been at the forefront of the develop of both the night and sound culture in the White Island. The Vista Club, the glass covered terrace of Privilege, has become a reference for the techno raves and the sunrise parties, wich are, thanks to its particular setting, and spectacle to live from inside.


The need of creating a quality techno event in Ibiza and also the need to give a much bigger protagonism to female DJs did give us the opportunity to create a place where feminism could live together with a natural line up in order to obtain a techno sanctuary where everyone is welcome.


International artist like Marika Rossa, Lilly palmer, Elena Pavla, Amber and Nusha will be responsible of the opening every Wednesday night at Vista Club.


‘Manycome’ is a philosophy, a way of life, a mantra that despite of its powerful, extroverted and different nature it is born from the deepest respect for humanistic values, the respect for the planet and any form of life, earthling or not…


We are at the vanguard of innovation, fashion and any technological advance that from the sustainability may serve us to offer the most singular ‘Manycome’ experience.


‘Manycome’ is not just a party, is it a set of sensations conforming an experience who only a few chosen ones will live this summer.